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A post about the Direct Action Reunion show (Finally!)

Monday, May 31st, 2010


Direct Action – December 2009 Reunion show. We had a Blast!

So it has been a super long time since my last post but its now summer, I have a little more time, and I am hoping to do a bunch of new post very soon.

Of course I need to write about the Direct Action reunion back in December. In a nutshell, the show was a blast! I think I speak for the rest of the guys when I say that it was great to see everyone at the show. It really felt like a reunion in that there were people that we have not seen in many years. I think there were a few of you that I have not seen in 20 years! Amazing.





Some crowd shots from the stage at Gooski’s.

Just a few thoughts on the show. It was my first time at Gooski’s. What a great place. It really did remind me of the Electric Banana. Like the Banana, Gooski’s is a neighborhood dive bar tucked in a residential area (it is actually pretty close to where the Banana was located). In addition, both the Banana and Gooski’s have long narrow, dark “hallways” going into the area where the bands play, but unlike the Banana, Gooski’s hallway is inside the bar instead of outside the bar (remember the anticipation of walking down that dark hallway to give your money to Judy to see whatever band was playing the Banana that night? Good times). The actual stage and space where the bands play at Gooski’s fells very similar to the stage at the Banana. The stage is about the same height and size and the lights, and general “ambiance,” felt like the ol’days at the Banana. Just look at these next photos and I think you will see what I am talking about.




So the similarity with the historical place that was the Electric Banana really added to the reunion vibe of this show in my mind.

As you can tell, I have posted a bunch of my favorite pics from the show that I stole from people’s Facebook posts at the Direct Action page. You can join the group and view the page here.






There was a cool piece in the City Paper about the reunion show, and Direct Action in general, that was written by Manny Theiner. You can read it here.

I am positive Manny’s name will come up in future posts on this blog seeing that he was instrumental in the Pittsburgh scene.

The original flier, that can be seen here, had three bands listed but unfortunately, Brain Handle was not able to do the gig. However, the excellent Brass Chariot did play the show and they rocked the place with their Stooges inspired garage-punk rock. The guitar player, Sam, was in many amazing Pittsburgh bands over the years including Car Sickness and the Crow Flies!


So Direct Action played this show without me ever getting a chance to practice with the rest of the guys prior to the gig. I made it to the area for a Christmas visit with my fam that same day as this show so I just practiced at home to old recordings beforehand. The rest of the guys were only able to practice together twice (I think) before the gig. In spite of this, I thought it sounded okay but you can check it out for yourself on YouTube (see at the end of this post). I also posted the 2001 DA reunion at Scooby’s in Greensburg.


Direct Action with Dave Roman.


John Doran, Dave Roman, and Chuck “Creed” Pfeiffer

One great highlight of the evening was seeing the infamous Dave Roman! What a great guy. I have mentioned him several times in posts about Danceland. In short, I can not think about the content of this blog without thinking about, or mentioning, Dave R. It was a blast to hang out with him again, just like old times.

The show was a benefit for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and it was organized by our great friend, John Doran. Because of everyone’s support we were able to raise $800! THANK YOU!

Hope yinz guys leave some comments to help fill in any memories, items, or info that I forgot to add to this post. Again, thanks so much to everyone who came to the show. Maybe we will do it again sometime very soon. :)

Here are some more photos from that night along with video of the show.






Dave and Rob


John and Rob’s head


I had to post this photo because it shows John’s one of a kind, “vertical” guitar playing position. Classic!



DA with DR


Chris Willis


Gino Martin and Sonny Caliendo


Steve Caliendo, Dave K, Sonny Caliendo


Amber, Tina, Mike, and Ian

As promised, below is the bad video from the 2009 Direct Action Reunion at Gooski’s

While were at it, I thought I would also post video from the last DA show back in 2001. This was recored at Scooby’s in Greensburg PA

Direct Action Reunion Show – Saturday Dec 26!

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009


UPDATE: I updated this post because I originally put the wrong date in the title (I had the 28th but the show is actually on Saturday December 26). Sorry for any confusion :(

Direct Action will be playing a reunion show on Saturday December 26, 2009 at Gooski’s  (Polish Hill / 3117 Brereton Street) in Pittsburgh. It should be a blast! The show starts at 9:00. It’s a $5 minimum donation at the door. Proceeds go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Brain Handle and Brass Chariot will also be playing.

So if you are in the area over the holiday season, stop by. It would be great to see everyone again!

In “preparation” for this upcoming reunion show, I have posted the entire Third Rail demo below. I was going to do this in a later post (and I probably still will), but for now, here are all the songs to download on your I-Pod to replace your very old cassette tape :)

Direct Action – Third Rail  (1990)
1. Forever
2. Waiting
3. Wall of Stone
4. Apology
5. Confused
6. Better Off Without Her
7. Missing Link
8. Truth Wins
9. Here
10. Derelict
11. Your Loss
12. Fade Out

In case you want to download other Direct Action MP3s, you can do so by going to the links below:

Direct Action – First demo (1986).

Direct Action – Gamut demo(1988).


Thanks to Derek for putting together this video collage for the song Forever and uploading it to YouTube!