Direct Action Reunion Show – Saturday Dec 26!


UPDATE: I updated this post because I originally put the wrong date in the title (I had the 28th but the show is actually on Saturday December 26). Sorry for any confusion :(

Direct Action will be playing a reunion show on Saturday December 26, 2009 at Gooski’s  (Polish Hill / 3117 Brereton Street) in Pittsburgh. It should be a blast! The show starts at 9:00. It’s a $5 minimum donation at the door. Proceeds go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Brain Handle and Brass Chariot will also be playing.

So if you are in the area over the holiday season, stop by. It would be great to see everyone again!

In “preparation” for this upcoming reunion show, I have posted the entire Third Rail demo below. I was going to do this in a later post (and I probably still will), but for now, here are all the songs to download on your I-Pod to replace your very old cassette tape :)

Direct Action – Third Rail  (1990)
1. Forever
2. Waiting
3. Wall of Stone
4. Apology
5. Confused
6. Better Off Without Her
7. Missing Link
8. Truth Wins
9. Here
10. Derelict
11. Your Loss
12. Fade Out

In case you want to download other Direct Action MP3s, you can do so by going to the links below:

Direct Action – First demo (1986).

Direct Action – Gamut demo(1988).


Thanks to Derek for putting together this video collage for the song Forever and uploading it to YouTube!

4 Responses to “Direct Action Reunion Show – Saturday Dec 26!”

  1. Caliendo says:

    Will there be a pit, or an early bird buffet with a blood pressure machine set up beside it? ha ha ha! I’ll be there for sure! Can’t wait.

  2. DKaspare says:

    Paramedics will be available. I hope.

    It will be great to catch up again!

  3. Athey says:

    This is going to be a blast…I can’t wait.

  4. del says:


    I just stumbled on to this site from a link on Facebook. I wish I was still living in Pittsburgh so I could have gone to the reunion show. This brings back so many memories. Thanks!

    Hempfield High Class of ’90

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