The “Begining”

For me, the Greensburg/Latrobe scene began on Sunday August 23, 1987 at Harry’s Danceland in Latrobe, PA. Until then, the only experience I had with any live music that was remotely “underground” (or in this case, “New Wave”) was an Affordable Floors show that was at the Greensburg Civic center. I think that was in 1986. Anyway, The Affordable Floors show was fun and it was something different to do in the area (besides hanging out at Westmoreland Mall on a Saturday night). But The Floors where in no way “punk” or “hardcore,” which was the music I was seriously getting into at the time.

So when I discovered this very punk looking gig flyer with a very punk sounding band called “New Federation,” playing a place that was not in Pittsburgh (the closest place to find anything even close to punk or hardcore) I knew I had to go and check it out for myself. I can’t remember where I got this flyer.


I believe Rob (the singer of  New Federation) gave it to me at….gee, let me see….could it have been… Westmoreland Mall? Probably.

Anyway, I went to the gig at Harry’s Danceland in Latrobe and it was a blast (Danceland has its own rich musical history that I may explore in a future post).

Here is were I hope this blog can become a sort of “collective memory,” because I really wish I had video or pictures from that show. So if anyone else has anything that documents this particular show PLEASE send it to me so I can post it!

* More on the “transformation” of New Federation in a future post.

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  1. Tom Jagger says:

    So that was the first show I ever played in. I was (and still am) completely fascinated by punk and hardcore. I was going to the electric banana a lot at the time. The Electric Banana was the “premiere” place to see a show in Pittsburgh in those days. Once you see a band you like in that environment, you realize – “hey, if these jagoffs can do this, so can we.”

    That’s how the first Greensburg area punk band came into being.

    I remember driving to my first practice and there was George Love in his front yard playing the bass around his knees (not plunged into anything, of course) Those were the days.

    We were too stupid to know you can be nervous in the days before a big show, so I don’t remember any jitters at all. I’m not sure what you could hear at the show, considering my amp was the speaker from a talking GI Joe, but I can still see the mosh circle that ensued.

    Good times.

  2. rob says:

    also, there are fotos from that 1st danceland gig(i may have some) and , lo and behold, a LIVE CASSETTE!!!maybe john doran has the only copy or rhett kennedy…

  3. Burn Unit says:

    “My amp was the speaker from a talking G.I. Joe”…….hilrarious!!!!!

  4. rome 316 says:

    I recall how the guys played very well that hot august night.jeff king.danny sackandyand tom scantar provided the pa system that night. harry having a hart attack about people slam dancing. rock on dave roman

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