Direct Action 25th Anniversary Reunion Show! (and other related rarities!). UPDATED with new show flier!

So excited that our friends, Battered Citizens and Rugburn are also joining us for the reunion show!


This summer 2012 will mark the 25th Anniversary of Direct Action (first as New Federation) playing their very first show. This “show” (a party in Latrobe)  was probably one of the first times a hardcore punk band played in the Greensburg/Latrobe PA area.

To celebrate this anniversary DA will be playing a reunion show on June 2 at The Shop (in Bloomfield) with Surrounded by Mice, and maybe some other band surprises as well. The show flier above also had Basilisk on the bill but they had to cancel. Bummer. :(

We are very excited about this show! It should be a great reunion of WestPA friends! Hope to see you there. The last reunion show was a blast. Let’s make this one even better.

Over Christmas of 2011 DA wrote their first new song in over 20 years to celebrate the reunion show. It is called “This Generation.” Expect to hear it at the show on June 2. I have posted it here for download!

This Generation

Derek also created this cool video for it as well.

To mark the anniversary I am also posting a bunch of Direct Action rarities to sample and download (among other photos and artifacts). I went through a ton of old cassette tapes and located some gems that really capture the spirt of the time in Direct Action history. Good times for sure.

The first set of songs are practice recordings of songs that were wrote or covered and only played once or twice live (if ever) and then dropped them for whatever reason (some good reasons I guess). DO NOT expect to hear these songs on June 2 :)

The remaining songs are an assortment of live tracks from various shows. There are some old stand-by songs and a bunch of different covers.

You can sample and download the songs at the links below or download all the songs at one time at the last link.

Practice Recordings

Hate Comes Down

Dog’s Life

Were Gonna Fight (7 Seconds)

Power (Agnostic Front)

Chin Up

Evil Dead

You Got Yours

Poser Punk Rocker

Broken Tooth This is a recording of my second or third practice with the band where I was joking around with my guitar (I played bass on my guitar until I could afford a real bass). I was trying to be like Jimi Hendrix and play my guitar behind my head and I lifted up the guitar only to smack my mouth with it busting out an artificial tooth (although the guys thought it was a real tooth). Again…good times.

IUP Basement Party

Your Loss / Set me Free This was Derek’s last show before he went off to the Air Force.

Understanding…(“busted by the cops”). This is from one of our many IUP party shows in some hole of a basement. The cops bust the party and there is a moment of hilarious panic. Pagdon (who was in the audience) has some great lines on this one.

Live at the Upstage (Opening for All with Aaron Pagdon on Drums. 1991(?)

Understanding Jane (Icicle Works)Finally able to finish the song here

Live at the Upstage (first reunion show 1993?)

Pain of the Past

Stand Up and Fight

Forget The Rest

Common Ground

Should I Stay or Should I Go (The Clash)

Under your Influence (DagNasty)

Crash (The Primitives)

Shook Me All Night Long (AC-DC)



Other fun items from the “vault!”

I thought I already posted all the Direct Action Danceland/Bonkers photos I had but I managed to find some more from a show in 90. I am pretty sure we played with Submachine at this show but I am not certain about that.

Pagdon takes the mic. Notice Rob’s hand made Don Brockett shirt.

At some point in the show my strap on my bass broke and I had to sit on a chair for about half the set. Lame!

I think this was probably one of John P’s first show in Direct Action. As always, his guitar positioning is one of a kind!

This shot confirms the year of the show.

Playing after a broken bass strap. Nice “pegged” pants.

The “Big Screen” at Danceland.

I also found two old photos of DA circa 1987 or 88 (sans John P) in our beloved practice space at Tom’s Aunt Betty and Grandma’s house in Jeannette PA. That space was just great. Had such a blast there. We were able to jam there one last time back in 2005, I think (See third photo). I have no idea who took these photos.

The last time in the old practice space.

Other Stuff

Here are some other fun photos. The first two are from Derek’s going away party (before going to the Air Force).

The old DA “Crew” with Gene Higgins and Aaron Pagdon! But where is Doug E? Probably taking the picture!


Below are two photos from Rob’s annual Christmas Party. Every Christmas day Rob’s Mom would let him have a small party in the finished attic space of their house in Latrobe. We would all go over there after doing “family stuff” on Christmas day. It was always fun!


T-Shirt Designs

Here is some old artwork I found for Direct Action t-shirts. The first one was printed in black ink on white shirts and another batch was done in red ink on white shirts.

The second design was never printed on a shirt.


That’s all for now :)


4 Responses to “Direct Action 25th Anniversary Reunion Show! (and other related rarities!). UPDATED with new show flier!”

  1. JohnP says:

    Oh, the infamous IUP show! I remember Derek picking up his bass drum afterwards and all the beer cans we’d hidden in it came tumbling out. Turned out the cops were just concerned about a car that was illegally parked.

  2. Chunk says:

    The First Reunion show was in 1991…that was Rugburn’s first (and one of our only) Pittsburgh shows.I tried to do some Youth Of Today-style jump with my guitar and the cord fell out…Oz lost some weird vintage cymbal that had a bunch of rivets in it,and his brand-new Iron Cobra bass drum pedal was ravaged by Pagdon and Derek borrowing it.Hedgerod played and had an all-girl pit going.I attempted to sing “Attitude” with Upper Hand and somehow managed to sing the wrong lyrics.I think Tom had the lens cap on his camera while filming Upper Hand and the video had no picture.Jeremy Barrick quit his job at Roy Rogers in order to attend.I don’t think there was a more punk rock show that that one! :)

  3. Dana H says:

    Hey guys… Athey led me here. I have a bunch of photos from 1990 – including a set from when you recorded in Latrobe and Dave farted really loud in the sound booth! I’ll scan and send if you let me know where!

  4. Jagger says:

    Dana! thanks for reminding me about that fart… ahhhh memories..

    How can we get those pix?

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