Direct Action Photos Unearthed


So Derek K recently unearthed these photos of Direct Action taken at the old Greensburg train station (what is the fascination with bands and old run-down ‘urban’ settings like this? Who knows). Dave Bier of Best Defense took these photos after one of our daytime practices. I believe this was in the Winter of 87 shortly after I (Dave K) joined the band. I think we were still working on our first demo around this time. I am SO glad to have these photos again. I don’t think I have seen them in over 20 years! I remember this day very well. It was very cold but it was a blast doing a “photo shoot.” Thanks Dave B for taking these. The Greensburg train station has really come a long way since then.

I think the first photo above looks very “emo.”


Rob H, Tom J, Derek K, and Dave K




Huh? This one looks like we are a goth band.




Derek looks like a ‘little person’ in this one.


I think this was the only color photo from this shoot before we loaded the b&w film.

In addition to the train station photos, below are two photos that were left on the roll after the train station shoot. These were taken at my old house on North Greengate road just past Route 30. The Toll 66 road took the house and it is no longer there. I think these photos were taken during a break from recording the last couple songs on our first demo. Most of the songs for that demo were recorded in Tom’s basement but I think the last few songs were recorded in my living room. I know “In Love With Your Friend” was recorded in my living room because I vividly remember Rob yelling the “1-2-3-4″ into the drum mic that was taped to the ceiling and dangled down over Derek’s drums.



5 Responses to “Direct Action Photos Unearthed”

  1. JohnP says:

    Was Tom’s zipper broken? He keeps looking down like he’s checking his fly!

  2. lisa e. says:

    tom is thinking: “everybody should check out my hair. it will all be gone in 20 years.”

  3. Burn Unit says:

    Why does everyone look so “New Wave”?
    I know a song by Crankshaft………

  4. Burn Unit says:

    Haha….I just noticed it says, “For a good blow job, call ###### Ask for Dave” on the wall next to you the color photo….

  5. Greg says:

    Here I thought you had one leather jacket to go around…..

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