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Before I do some more Danceland stuff, I wanted to post this gem of an artifact from back in the day (beaten, torn, and frayed). Mike Mance sent this to me and I think it was the very first Best Defense Flyer (created by Greg Olson and inspired by the Clash’s London Calling, of course). I think this is the first flyer because he lists Don Maloney as the bass player. I think Don was in the band for a microsecond before Shawn Moyer took over permanently on bass duties for BD. This show is actually for the White Eagles show that I posted earlier. I think it was originally going to be at Danceland but that fell through somehow and we rented the White Eagles space instead.

Does anyone have the flyer that Greg made for the Greensburg Garden Civic Center show? I think it had a drawing of a punk and skin (in “unity”) to symbolize our bands playing together I guess.

Great story about that flyer. I remember that there was this ‘mid-level’ bully guy that was a year ahead of me in High School (he would have been a junior at the time) that would give us a hard time for being “different.” You know, the typical stupid “hey punker” stuff. One day we were posting flyers for the Greensburg Garden Civic center show in the cafeteria and a bunch of us were siting at a table near one of the recently posted flyers. Greg Olson was siting with us that day. So this bully guy spots the flyer we just posted and he goes over to it (which is right next to our table but he did not see us all sitting there), laughs at it and totally rips it off the wall and  just started to yell to his “friends” about it at a near by table when Greg O yelled at the guy. The look on this guy’s face when he realized that it was Greg, this super tough skinhead, who hung the flyer he just ripped down, was absolutely priceless. Greg proceeded to very publicly (in the middle of a very crowed cafeteria during lunch period) mock and threaten the guy. The guy was completely humiliated and just fell apart. I noticed that in addition to all us punk and skater guys laughing at this from our table, all the bully’s (now a former bully) “friends” at the other table were also laughing at him so I guess he was not very welcomed at that table after all. It reminded me of a scene straight from a Freaks and Geeks episode or a John Hughes film. Good Times.

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  1. Burn Unit says:

    The great thing about Greg was that he ultimately became sort of a protector figure for a lot of us punks and skins and freaks in Hempfield. He was so damn tough and intimidating and wasn’t afraid of anyone, but had a heart of gold and a real soft spot for his fellow skins and punks. I’ll never forget the epic fight attended by probably over a hundred people (I think it was in the Eastgate Shopping Mall parking lot) where he trashed a certain bullying asshole (who shall remain nameless) and it was completely like a scene out of a movie. Everyone had their cars parked with the headlights on in a circle with the two Titans in the center.
    I remember Greg giving me rides to Summer School every day and we would listen to the Bad Brains over and over….I was so surprised to find out that he was a really huge reggae fan.
    Where is he now? Last I heard (a long, long time ago) he was in Ocean City, MD.

  2. Mike Mance says:

    Dude. I remember that fight. That was awesome!! Everyone was there. It was definitely like something out of a movie.
    Last I heard he was in San Diego.

  3. DKaspare says:

    Yes. The “fight” started in the McDonald’s parking lot and then ended up at Giant Eagle’s parking lot because there were too many people there to see it and McD’s parking lot was too small.

    DA wrote a song about it. “You Got Yours” :)

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