Direct Action 25th Anniversary Show follow-up! UPDATED

Fist Banging Mania at the Direct Action 25th Anniversary Show.

Better late than never I guess! I finally had some time (at home waiting for Hurricane Sandy to hit!) and wanted to post a bunch of photos and some video clips from the Direct Action 25th Anniversary show this past June at The Shop in Bloomfield. We had a blast! A big thanks to everyone who joined us. A huge thanks to Battered Citizens for reuniting for this show. They were great and it was so fun to hang out and play on the same stage with them again. Just like the old days! Another gigantic thanks to fellow Greensburg mates Rugburn and Surrounded By Mice for playing! It was great to play with Rugburn again but it wasn’t the same without our good friend C. Willis who we missed so much!

Here are a few bad quality video clips from the show. This is all I have. Sorry they are so “DaveCentric.” It was shot by my wife :). I know I saw a few other people at the show shooting video. If you have some, please upload it to YouTube and I will add it to this post!

In addition to the great bands that I already mentioned who played this show, there was also a quick reunion of Upper Hand with Gino from Rugburn doing vocals duties (and not Aaron T). It would be great if someone captured that on video. Let me know. After posting this, Chunk from Rugburn let me know that he had some videos from the show including the Upper Hand reunion! Thanks Chunk! I added a few of his videos below.

Doing a 7Seconds cover!

Upper Hand reunion with Gino on vocals!

The following photos where taken by random people at the show but I think the majority of them are from Glenn Isenberg. Thanks Glenn!

Direct Action

Battered Citizens


Surrounded By Mice

Sorry for this one and only dark image of SBM :(

As I already mentioned, Upper Hand reunited and did one song (“Iron City” of course!).

We were so happy to have PAGDON at the reunion show this time around! And of course no DA reunion would be that same without the infamous Dave Roman!

Pagdon and Mike A! Such a blast seeing Mike again.

Brick, Pagdon, and Greg M!

Below is an image gallery from all the photos I collected from the show. Enjoy!


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    Here is the clip of Gino singing “Iron City”

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