Welcome to WestPa-Underground.

This blog is dedicate to documenting the underground music scene of Greensburg and Latrobe Pennsylvania (and surrounding areas) from 1986 to 2000 (give or take).

As an aging individual (I am in my late thirties) who grew up in this region and participated in the scene during this time period, I thought it would be a good idea to finally collect all my personal artifacts, that related to this fun little music scene, in some sort of cohesive presentation (instead of in random boxes and folders sitting in my basement). By collecting and presenting my collection of photos, gig flyers, recordings, videos, etc. in a very public way on this blog, I hope to create some kind of “document” that will provide a window into this scene (both for myself and anyone interested). I really hope others who were hanging out at the Greensburg Denny’s after the shows during that period will share their thoughts or maybe their own collection of artifacts that document the Greensburg and Latrobe scene. So please, leave a comment, provide a link to your defunct band’s online discography (that you finally digitized from cassette), or send me your old songs, photos, gig flyers, or whatever, so they can be posted on this blog for all the world to finally see and hear!

13 Responses to “Introduction!”

  1. Gude says:

    Great idea for a site. We did have a cool little scene back in the day, didn’t we? I wonder if the kids today have anything like it.

  2. Burn Unit says:

    Whatever happened to Dave Roman?

  3. DKaspare says:

    good question. I haven’t talked to that guy in years

  4. Matt Z. says:

    I saw Roman 1 1/2 years ago, he’s still in Latrobe and looks pretty much the same…

  5. joe curry says:

    hello from your favorite ballet dancing punk

  6. Mike Mance says:

    Joe Curry? Where the hell are you at nowadays?

  7. Michelle (Shelby) says:

    I moved in ’88 so I lost track of so many people. I’d love to hear from my old buddy Rob Henry…it’s me Shelby from Greensburg.

  8. Jeff K. says:

    The Rome is alive and well. I was just hanging out with him this past Thursday night. He is still in the Latrobe area.

  9. Jeff K. says:

    Dave, cool site. Nice work and good to see you got some updates since Derek first sent me the link. I hanging with Dave Roman the other night and telling him about the site. I just forwarded the site to him today. Im sure he will be checking in soon.

    Glad all those pics I took came in handy…LOL You can also credit Erik Bauer (?) with several photos on the Gbg Civic Center page. You will see him with camera in hand of one of the pics I took.

    Jeff K.

  10. Athey says:

    Dave – Thanks for putting this site together.

  11. David Rupp says:

    We’ve set up a site for The Murr, including songs, photos, and gig flyers–much of it coming from performances at Danceland. Please stop by

  12. Chris Dangelo says:

    I just noticed that the old Greensburg Denny’s in the Westmoreland mall parking lot has been torn down! That place housed some great memories after some of our shows in the late 1980s!

  13. Ken Knesh says:

    Hey, it is Ken Knesh. Loved being 15 years old and hanging out listening to great bands like Ten Feet Tall, Gription, Rugburn, etc…Long live NotME Zine!

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