Welcome to WestPa-Underground.

This blog is dedicate to documenting the underground music scene of Greensburg and Latrobe Pennsylvania (and surrounding areas) from 1986 to 2000 (give or take).

As an aging individual (I am in my late thirties) who grew up in this region and participated in the scene during this time period, I thought it would be a good idea to finally collect all my personal artifacts, that related to this fun little music scene, in some sort of cohesive presentation (instead of in random boxes and folders sitting in my basement). In collecting and presenting my collection of photos, gig flyers, recordings, videos, etc. in a very public way on this blog, I hope to create some kind of “document” that will provide a window into this scene. I really hope others who were hanging out at the Greensburg Denny’s after the shows during that period will share their thoughts or maybe their own collection of artifacts that document the Greensburg and Latrobe scene. So please, leave a comment, provide a link to your defunct band’s online discography (that you finally digitized from cassette), or send me your old songs, photos, gig flyers, or whatever, so they can be posted on this blog for all the world to finally see and hear!

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